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About Smile Bigger

Here's the deal. We already think you're a rockstar. Diving into the world of creative entrepreneurship takes guts. Like, so many guts. Now, you're facing an uphill battle to make this business profitable . . . without it making you miserable.

We think you can have it both ways. Let's help you cut through all the noise. Through our 6-week program, we'll highlight the main topics you need to learn. And along the way we'll point you to our top resources and experts.

Most importantly, our program is all about taking action on what you learn so that you can . . . well . . . smile bigger :D

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Let's Be Real

"I'm a creative thinker. And I run a business. And it's hard. I have to be really intentional about the way I work, or else I know it will cost me my happiness."

— Joey Vitale, Fellow Creative Entrepreneur


About Joey Vitale

Hi! I'm Joey, and my story is probably a lot like yours. I belly-flopped my way into running a business. It was tough, but I eventually found the right combination of mentors, resources, experts, and luck. I made a lot of mistakes, but all my little victories added up, and I made a profit in my first year in business.

Getting sales seemed hard enough. But actually running a business that is generating revenue, and balancing that with your own personal life, that's a whole new level of difficult.

I know what it's like to be an army of one with a business that keeps throwing more balls at you to juggle. I know what it's like to reach a point where your business is taking a toll on your health and wellness. And I know that I'm not alone, because I'm an attorney for creatives — and pretty much all of my clients suffer the same battles.

• • •

I’m no business coach. Heck, I'm no business expert. But I've been playing this game of entrepreneurship along with you. I haven’t “won” the game yet, but I’ve come pretty far since I started.

And that's what Smile Bigger really is: a guide for this game that I wish I had when I started. It includes the biggest lessons I’ve learned, my top resources and recommendations, and a plan for how to get through some of the main levels.



What we're not promising

  • A special formula that will change your business overnight (spoiler alert - it doesn’t exist)

  • A way to reach [insert number here] figures in business (#realtalk: that’s not the metric you should be focusing on, anyways)

  • Tips on how to price things (we

  • Any secret hacks that will bring you success